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Randolph-Macon Academy

Boys & Girls
Age 6-12
Front Royal, VA

Randolph-Macon Academy (R-Ma) is a private college preparatory, military structured, learning facility that has been in continuous operation since 1892. The school, located in Front Royal, VA, is approximately 69 miles from Washington, DC. The school has dual affiliations; one with the United Methodist Church and the other with the United States Air Force. The academy is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and by the Virginia Association of Independent Schools.

R-Ma has been co-ed since 1974. The institution’s educational and dormitory facilities are divided between a middle school, grades 6-8, and an upper school, grades 9-12. The dormitories are not co-ed, remaining as separate male and female buildings. The academy has a 23% foreign student population, but English is the only language allowed to be spoken outside of the dormitory areas. The only exemption is for the foreign language classes taught in German and Spanish. The R-Ma school is not a special education school and does not accept students with learning disabilities.

Educational Structure and Principles

The academy has the goal and mission to teach the cadets how to be successful through the use of education, civic responsibility, personal character and leadership development in preparation for life’s challenges. This military school stands alone among other college-prep military schools by having a flight training program on the curriculum. R-Ma requires mandatory membership in the AFJROTC program for all upper school cadets and Falcon Foundation students, as well as participation in either inter-scholastic or intramural athletics. The school’s mascot is the Randolph-Macon Academy Yellow Jacket wasp.

Falcon Foundation cadets have already graduated high school and have already qualified for the United States Air Force Academy. But, for one reason or another, their attendance at the Air Force Academy has been delayed for one year. During the one year wait, they can enroll as R-Ma post graduate cadets. After an intensive two week military training course, Falcons obtain an AFJROTC military rank and serve as a squad or flight adjutant leader responsible for up to 100 fellow cadets.

Tuition Costs

The median cost for one year at Randolph-Macon as a boarding student is $32,286 with a higher cost for foreign students. The median cost for a day student is $16,166 with a higher cost for foreign students. The annual price is expensive but is still less costly than other similarly aligned preparatory military schools. There are a number of scholarships and endowments available for qualified students. The school’s admittance application process is rigid but not overly strict. The school has an 86% acceptance rate from all of the applicants.

Academic Achievements

Randolph-Macon Academy is recognized as one of the best military schools with average SAT scores of 1485 and ACT scores of 21. 99% of the graduating population is accepted into higher level educational institutions. Military service is not a requirement for the academy graduates, but those graduates that proceed on to the Air Force Academy are required to serve in the military for several years.


Randolph-Macon Academy is the co-ed college-preparatory, military school of choice in the world for families seeking a values-based, academically challenging, structured environment. 


Randolph-Macon Academy develops students of academic achievement, integrity, leadership, and responsible citizenship, prepared for success in life.

Educational Philosophy

The R-MA community (students, faculty, staff, parents, trustees, and alumni/ae) believes that every student at R-MA is curious and capable.  Our positive interaction and personal attention inspires the students’ curiosity and confidence to learn throughout their personal and professional lives.  We believe that the personal attention of the teacher makes the difference in the classroom.  We believe parents, teachers, and administrators help students succeed by working together on academic aspirations, leadership, self-reliance, character development and service to others.  We heartily believe students do their very best when they are known, respected, and encouraged.