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United States Air Force Academy

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Air Force Academy, CO

Located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, the United States Air Force Academy is both a military installation and a university. It is home to more than 25,000 service members and civilians, most of who belong to the 10th Air Base Wing. This unit provides logistical and training support to the 4,400 cadets and 300 cadre members of the academy itself.

USAFA Admissions Criteria

Those who are admitted to the Air Force Academy must be between the age of 17 and 23 on July 1 of their first year of attendance. They must also be unmarried and have no dependents.

Priority is given to those with excellent academic records and high class ranking, and candidates should also score well on either the PLAN, SAT, ACT OR PSAT test.

Academic Programs

Students here will work towards a Bachelor’s of Science degree in one of several areas. Some of the more popular majors include engineering, social sciences and humanities. The first two years of the program are spent taking core classes, which involve a great deal of science. Students will also take military studies during their enrollment. Many of the professors are active duty Air Force instructors, but some are also from other branches of the military or civilians.

Athletics and Physical Fitness

The mascot of the U.S. Air Force Academy is the Falcon. This school is an NCAA Division I school, and has football, baseball, golf, basketball, cross-country, fencing, golf, gymnastics, soccer, ice hockey, tennis, swimming, water polo, volleyball and wrestling teams. Some famous rivalries include Colorado State University and the Army and Navy service academies.

In addition to NCAA athletics, students who are not involved in intercollegiate sports must participate in intramural leagues at the academy. This school offers basketball, cross-country, ice hockey, racquetball, flag football, tennis, mountain biking, softball, handball and flickerball. Cadets will also perform physical fitness training daily and are required to take an annual physical fitness test during their time here.

Cost of Tuition

Those who are afforded the opportunity to attend this school will receive free tuition, housing and meals. They will also receive a monthly stipend as long as they are enrolled. In exchange for this free tuition, graduates must agree to serve a tour of duty with the active Air Force after receiving their degree. These individuals are commissioned as officers in that branch of the military.

Summer Military Training

Prior to beginning their studies, cadets will undergo six weeks of Basic Cadet Training. This training is sometimes called “beast”, and involves learning drill and ceremonies, military customs and courtesies, and Air Force values. Cadets may also attend military training sanctioned by the Air Force or Army during the summer months. Some of this training could afford them the opportunity to fly gliders or learn survival techniques. Programs take place at various military installations throughout the United States.