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Military schools teach children of various ages (elementary school, middle school or high school) in a disciplined military environment which includes training in military aspects, such as military drills. Many military schools are also college-prep boarding schools, and others are simply magnet schools within a larger school system. Most are privately run institutions, though some are public schools.

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Public Military Schools

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Private Military Schools

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College-Prep Schools

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K-12 Military Schools

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Government-Run Military Academies

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Why Choose a Military School

Though military schools no longer enroll troubled boys, students who attend military boarding schools are more likely to succeed academically than their public school counterparts. But they don’t just prepare students for college. They prepare them for life.

Here are five important, lifelong benefits for enrolling your child in a military boarding school.

1. They Learn Leadership Skills — One of the primary ways military boarding schools teach leadership is by modeling it. 

2. They are Given Boundaries — In military boarding school, students thrive on a structured schedule. 

3. They are Taught Discipline — Students are taught to follow specific rules, which are in place to help them achieve their goals

4. They are Given Plenty of Personal Responsibility — Students in military boarding schools are taught to take responsibility for themselves in a manner that’s not typically required at other boarding schools. 

5. They Learn the Value of Integrity — Finally, students in military boarding schools operate under a strict code of conduct. Every student is responsible to behave with respect toward superiors and peers. Respect, discipline, service, selflessness, sacrifice—these are the tenets of the military boarding school character, and they differentiate our students from other boarding schools.

When you choose military school for your children, you can rest assured the values they will learn during their formative years will serve them, their families and their communities for many years to come.