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Phoenix Military Academy

Boys & Girls
Age 9-12
Chicago, IL

Phoenix Military Academy is a Chicago Public High School. It belongs to the school system consisting of 115 high schools in Chicago, Illinois. Classes usually run from August 8 to June 6 and this military school has about 438 students enrolled all in all from Grades 9 – 12. The usual student-teacher ratio is 12:1 which makes classes a lot easier to handle and students will be able to learn more quickly as they can give more of their attention to their teacher.

Phoenix Military Academy offers not just regular class curriculum of the state but also advanced placement classes. Additionally, the school also provides special education programs.

Military training programs are not the only ones offered in most military schools but they also offer academic programs as well as athletics to help students develop mind and body. Phoenix Military Academy is at the 41st rank in the state of Illinois.

What Phoenix Military is All About

Phoenix Military Academy aims to develop the youth to become productive citizens who have capable leadership skills and possess respectable character. Students in this academy will have a vision for excellence in post-secondary education at prestigious colleges, universities, and service academies.

The staff employed at Phoenix Military Academy helps develop young minds and spirit by focusing on their leadership capabilities, their excellent character, responsible citizenship, service, and excellence in academics. As mentioned, students receive full attention from their teachers with a relatively small class size. This seems to be more effective since the children can focus more on their lessons and can interact closely with people around them.

What Makes Phoenix Military Academy a Great Option

Phoenix Military Academy uses a strategy of team teaching and this particular strategy is used in many schools located in Chicago. The success of team teaching strategy will depend on how organized a team is and how focused they are on their particular task. This form of teaching makes learning a lot more fun for the students and can help them excel in their academics.

Team members with this teaching strategy should formulate a common time and work together to come up with interesting lessons, as well as create strategies that are beneficial for the students. At Phoenix Military Academy, students can learn positive information and develop pleasant habits. The school aims to create individuals who excel in their studies as well as become better citizens.

Phoenix Military Academy can help reshape values in young kids so they can mature into more responsible individuals who take accountability for their actions. If these kids wish to pursue military career a military academy can also be helpful for them. On the other hand, students who enroll in a military academy are not required to commit to the military – they have their own choice to choose whether or not to apply for an officer position to serve in the US Army or simply get a job outside of the military. If you wish for your kids to receive good education, learn academics, excel in sports, develop physical abilities, as well as develop positive values, then Phoenix Military Academy is a good choice when around Chicago.