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Air Force Academy High School

Boys & Girls
Age 9-12
Chicago, IL

The Air Force Academy High School is located in Chicago, Illinois.

It is a charter school that is part of the Chicago Public Schools system and educates grades 9th through 12th. This school focuses on physics, science and mathematics.

This school closely follows the United States Air Force program and students wear uniforms daily that reflects this.

Enrollment is open to all students in the Chicago area and one must demonstrate good academic standing and test scores. The school receives an average of 800 applicants and only accepts 150 each year.


Students study traditional subjects and follow the Chicago Public Schools requirements. More advanced classes are offered in mathematics, physics and science. The school partners with the local Adler Planetarium and often attend classes and seminars there. The biggest event of the year is the Science Fair. Students compete city wide, it is normally held at the Museum of Science and Industry. Students are expected to maintain good academic standing and be prepared for classes. Any student who does not complete homework or projects in time will have to attend a mandatory after school detention hall.

Athletic and Extracurricular Activities

Air Force Academy High School is a military prep school that offers a variety of sports for students to participate in. Cross Country, Volleyball, Soccer and Girls’ Basketball are available for all students. The Boys’ Basketball team is divided into junior varsity and varsity.

The Civil Air Patrol for Cadets is offered as an after school program. Students learn more about aerospace engineering and leadership.

If the student earns cadet officer status under this program, he can enter the Air Force as an E3 instead of E1. The school also offers band, a robotics team and the Tuskegee Airmen. Students often participate in the city’s events such as the Chicago Marathon and the Christmas Parade.


Air Force Academy High School only accepts applications from incoming freshmen and transfer cadets. The child should also reside within the city of Chicago. Parents should visit the Chicago Public School webpage to find information, documents needed and required application forms. This school is focused on advanced science and mathematics, high test scores and grades in this area is required. A desire to join the military or study aerospace in college is also highly recommended.