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The Military College of Georgia

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Dahlonega, GA

The Military College of Georgia, also called the University of Northern Georgia, began its existence in 1873 as the North Georgia Agricultural College.

One of only six senior military colleges in the country, the institution is the second oldest public college in Georgia.

The college boasts that it is the first in the state to grant a degree to a female graduate in its first graduating class in 1879.

It remains today a progressive, innovative institute of higher learning for both genders. Keep reading to learn more about this school.

Academic Excellence

The college’s academic program has long been renown for high standards and challenge. Undergraduates choose courses of study from four basic schools, which include schools of business, education, arts and letters and science and health professions. Students can earn undergraduate degrees and masters degrees. Different schools and degree programs may aim students to a particular campus location in Dahlonega, Cumming, Gainesville or Oconee, Georgia.

Athletic Abilities

When the North Georgia College and State University merged with Gainesville State College in 2012 and 2013, giving birth to the current University of North Georgia, the sports mascot and team name changed from the North Georgia Saints to the North Georgia Nighthawks. That doesn’t mean that sports programs were and are no longer important. The school firmly believes that disciplined competition and physical development aids in nurturing a team spirit and pride.

Men’s and women’s sports programs flourish at the Military College of Georgia. Men’s baseball, women’s softball, basketball, football and women’s tennis only begin the list of available sports teams active and enjoyed.

Extracurricular Activities

As its name advertises, the Military College of Georgia’s Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) has an excellent reputation. Many undergraduates opt to join this program and enter the United States Army as a commissioned officer upon graduation. ROTC isn’t the only non-academic activity possible, though.

Students who want more than classroom or official playing field activity can join numerous clubs, engage in relaxed intramural sports and attend parties and cultural activities organized by the student-elected Student Activity Board. Men and women can join fraternities or sororities to extend the college life experience.

The Blue Mountains that surround the school offer myriad opportunities to explore nature or make friends in the nearby towns as well.

Admission Application

The University of North Georgia or the Military College of Georgia offers four targeted admissions paths to enable a simplified process for virtually every prospective student. Apply under Cadet Admissions, Undergraduate Admissions, Graduate Studies or International Studies.