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Kenosha Military Academy

Age 9-12

Kenosha Military Academy is a comprehensive choice public high schoolStudents enrolled in the Kenosha Military Academy program take part in intensive JROTC training. KMA students take four years of classes sponsored by the United States Army known as Leadership Education and Training classes. These classes are meant to provide students with the qualities of teamwork, leadership skills, character building, physical fitness and citizenship. Students graduate with an advantage when being considered for collegiate ROTC programs.

Students enrolled in Kenosha Military Academy also receive priority when they are being considered for ROTC scholarships, no matter what branch of service they are interested in. The Kenosha Military Academy is known as a feeder school for college ROTC programs. Today’s students are developed into tomorrow’s leaders at KMA.

Uniforms Are Part Of The Program

Students enrolled at KMA are given Class A Army uniforms at no cost to wear. This distinguishes them from all other students at Indian Trail High School. Students take part in exercises and earn rank as they move through required courses. Their rank is displayed on their uniforms just like it is in the military. Students become accustomed to earning rankings based on their achievements. This gives them an excellent foundation to enter military service after graduation if that’s what they decide to do.

Graduates of Kenosha Military Academy have a head start in their pursuit of a government, law enforcement or military career. Values like leadership, discipline, integrity, honor and good citizenship are instilled into cadets from their first day at KMA. Graduates leave ready for all the challenges of college life and for excellent careers.

Requirements To Attend Kenosha Military Academy

Since Indian Trail is a public high school, students come from all walks of life and all backgrounds. This adds to the diversity of the school. Once they are enrolled, they are expected to earn good academic grades. Innovative programs help to prepare students to be future leaders, critical thinkers and to enjoy learning for their lifetime.

The school features the Indian Trail Hawks, with a mascot named Moe Hawk. Students enrolled in KMA are required to take part in other physical training in addition to traditional physical education classes. Discipline is instilled in students to prepare them for future success in life.

Kenosha Military Academy has earned the title of Best JROTC program in Wisconsin for its outstanding programs. The exceptional training received by students distinguishes KMA from all other programs. Graduates receive priority when it comes to enrolling in ROTC programs in college.

Why the KMA is the Right Choice (from their website)

The KMA offers students an opportunity to participate in an intensive four-year JROTC program designed to enhance the core curriculum. This academy provides a structured environment where students can achieve academic excellence while becoming better citizens.

The academy stresses the three elements of the SAL acronym which are Academics, Athleticism and Leadership.

ACADEMICS – While in the KMA, students take four years of Leadership Education and Training (LET) classes, the curriculum of which is designed and sponsored by the United States Army. LET classes offer students a comprehensive education focused on character-building, citizenship, personal discipline, physical fitness, teamwork, and above all, leadership skills. Beyond the LET classes however the academy stresses that leadership of oneself means achieving the very best overall cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) possible at Indian Trail to allow the cadet many options on graduation.

ATHLETICISM – The Western Ideal is summarized as “a healthy mind in a healthy body.” The KMA encourages overall health, asking students to work on maintaining their height-weight along military lines and encouraging students to achieve greater physical fitness levels by offering weekly physical training outside normal gym classes as well as additional extracurricular opportunities to excel at athleticism.

LEADERSHIP – Leadership is a skill that will stand out in every walk of life, military or otherwise. The KMA requires students to seek self-improvement every day and in every way; first by learning self-leadership and then going on to improve as leaders by rising through the KMA ranks – taking on more and more responsibility until leading is second nature to them.

Due to the intensive training they receive in the KMA, students are given an edge over others interested in pursuing careers in the military or going on to college ROTC programs. To start with, the KMA is a recognized feeder school for Marquette University’s ROTC program. Students in this program are also given advanced consideration for ROTC scholarships in all branches of service.

In addition to daily participation in LET classes and Physical Training (PT), students in the KMA are also expected to participate 2-3 times per week in their choice of the following KMA extracurricular activities:

Color Guard
Sabre Guard
Armed Drill Team
Unarmed Drill Team

Finally, students in the KMA are distinguished from other students at Indian Trail through their Class A army uniforms, provided at no cost for each student in the academy. Students are required to wear these uniforms as part of their LET classes and can earn rank that is displayed on their uniforms as they move successfully through the program and earn leadership positions.

Bottom line: the KMA is the perfect option for those students who wish to stand out from their peers as a disciplined cadre of leaders either in a military lifestyle or related professions or in their future civilian careers.