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The Citadel is a four year college located in Charleston, South Carolina. While all students are required to participate in ROTC all four years, they are not required to enter the military service upon graduation. However, a large percentage of graduates do become commissioned officers in the military after graduation. This military college is co-ed and students are required to live on campus all four years. Founded in 1842, it is one of the few senior military colleges in the United States and has a rich military history. The Citadel bases their education on four pillars; academic, military, physical and ethics.


All students graduate with a Bachelor of Arts and there are five schools within this college. The School of Business Administration, School of Education, School of Mathematics and Science, School of Humanities and Social Science, and School of Engineering are offered. There is also an Honor Program for students who excel in academic achievement. This program has smaller classes taught by high ranking professors, engagement of intellectual discussion is expected. All students have mandatory study hall hours and any student who is struggling in classes will receive a mentor.


All students participate in the ROTC and wear full military uniforms during the day. Students are divided into companies and ranking is dependent upon performance and seniority. Student have both morning and evening formations, along with drill formations. In addition to their classes they learn about military warfare, leadership and weaponry. Freshmen males are required to have shaved heads until they reach their sophomore year. Students are restricted to the campus during the week.


All students participate in PT formations each day, these formations are military style exercises such as push-ups and runs. Admission to this school requires good physical standing and all students are expected to maintain excellent health.

The college has sports and competes in the NCAA Division I. Sports offered are Football, Baseball, Wrestling, Basketball, Tennis, Golf, Volleyball, Rifle, Track and Field, Cross Country and Soccer. For students who do not participate in sport teams, they must play in intramural. Intramurals at this college encourage fun physical activities such as Beach Volleyball, Inner Tube Polo and Ultimate Frisbee.


The Citadel operates on a strict honor code. Students who cheat in class or steal will be expelled immediately. Students learn teamwork and leadership through the ROTC program and mentor those below them. Students also volunteer in numerous programs within the community and world.