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US Naval War College

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Newport, RI

The Naval War College is often called NWC for short and is located in Newport, Rhode Island. Service members from all branches of the United States military attend this college to earn a Master of Arts. Founded in 1884, it is the oldest war college in the world and annually graduates 600 students. Long distance education is offered and it graduates 1,000 students annually. A large number of graduates have become Generals and Admirals in the military.

History and Campus

Founded in 1884, the school was a place for Navy officers to study advanced war techniques. It has since then included officers from all military branches. It is here where war gaming happens and war plans are developed. The largest war plan developed here was to deal with the Cold War and possible war with the Soviet Union, it was called the Global War Game. Due to the different nature of war in the Middle East, the college has added irregular warfare education.

The Naval War Museum is located on campus and is listed under the Historical Register of Historic Places. This building shows historical displays of the college, naval warfare and the local town. Mahan Hall houses the reading room and areas for students to study. It also has a large display of artifacts donated by prior international graduates. McCarty Little Hall is the newest building on campus and where modern technology allows students to simulate war gaming.


Officers attend this college for ten months, there are three semesters. Core subjects studied are Joint Military Operations, Strategy and Policy, and National Security Affairs. There is also International Law, Naval Warfare, Naval Command, Irregular Warfare, and Advanced Maritime War fighting.

This college offers long distance learning for eligible military members and US government workers, allowing them to complete the Naval Warfare curriculum.

The Senior Enlistment Academy is six week leadership course offered seven times a year. This is geared towards Chief Petty Officers in the Navy.


Students will fall under unaccompanied and accompanied. Due to the short nature of the program, most married soldiers will attend this college unaccompanied.

For those who will have accompanied orders, they need to contact Balfour Beatty Communities. This company handles the housing for military families who PCS to this area. There is also a Navy Lodge located here for traveling and visiting families.

The single and unaccompanied soldiers will live in the Consolidated Bachelors Quarters. It is advised to contact the Dean of Students as soon as the soldier knows he will be attending the college, space is limited.