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Military Leadership Academy

Age 6-11

The Marie G. Davis Military and Global Leadership Academy is a school located in Charlotte, North Carolina. This school is a member of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) and provides learning programs for students. Even if the academy has the word “military” in its name, it does not associate itself with boot camps. Instead, the programs here are designed to help students develop skills for a variety of situations in both their chosen profession and life.

School Summary

The school now has 388 students from 6th grade to 11th grade. It first admitted students in July 1, 2008. Since then, it has received a total of 133,829 enrollees. Most of the students are males, comprising 65.5% of the student population. The average student to teacher ratio is estimated to be 10:4. The Military and Global Leadership Academy makes use of the traditional semester school schedule. It has a 66.2% graduation rate. The dropout rate is estimated to be at 5.4%.

Admission Eligibility

All students are eligible to participate in different programs offered by the Military and Global Leadership Academy including the Title I Program. This pertains to financial assistance provided by state educational agencies (SEAs). With the Title I program, students who are at risk of failing or those who may not be able to continue their studies due to financial incapability may be aided by the funds from the Title I program. It is requirement that the students meet the academic standards of the state.

The school also offers reduced and free lunch. About 9.5% of the students here are qualified for the school’s reduced lunch program and 50.3% of the students today are a part of the free lunch program. Those who would like to become a student in the school should meet all of the entrance requirements. These include submitting a letter of interest and passing a placement interview. Those who fail to make the application deadline can still continue their enrollment but they will be included in the wait pool.

Other School Features

The Military and Global Leadership in NC provides challenges in academics while helping the students enhance their leadership skills. The learning programs are created in such a way that the principles of both physical and mental wellness are integrated into decision making and behavior of the children. Since this is a military school, they highly encourage children to explore the role of the national service organizations including the military to protect and develop a democratic society.

This academy aims to help children understand geography, economics, and politics. This is to prepare them for graduation and to help guide them in selecting the best preparation for college. Students are also trained to obtain a sense of responsibility which is performed by means of community service.