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United States Naval Academy

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The United States Naval Academy is often referred to Annapolis and is located in Annapolis, Maryland. The Academy is a four year college in which graduates are commissioned as officers in the United States Navy or United States Marine Corps. Tuition is paid for in exchange for duty in the military upon graduation. Founded in 1845, the Academy is one of the top schools in the nation and application is highly competitive.

USNA Campus

The campus of the Academy is called the “Yard” and covers over 300 miles. The school has the world’s largest dormitory, Bancroft Hall. This dormitory houses all of the students and contains everything they would need for daily living. Included are stores, restaurant, barber shop, post office, bank and a gymnasium. Bancroft Hall covers four miles and has its own zip code. The Naval Academy Chapel is noted for its high dome that is visible throughout the campus. Hubbard Hall is a three storied building located right on the river and is used by the crew team. The MacDonough Hall contains two boxing rings, swimming pools and fully equipped gymnastic area. The Yard also has numerous monuments, memorials and a cemetery.


The Academy prepares their students for sound, moral leadership within the military. There are 22 major areas of studies and the Academy is divided into three areas. Division I is Engineering and Weapons, Division II is Mathematics and Science, and Division III is Social Science and Humanities. All students receive a Bachelor of Science upon graduation. Students also undergo military training to equip them for future military careers.

Navy Athletics

Participation in a sport is mandatory at the Academy. The school has 30 Varsity sports and 13 club sports for students to choose from. The Academy has a long history of winning National Championships and Olympic Medals in a variety of sports. The most important sporting event of the year is the Army vs. Navy football game. The winner of the football game keeps the Commander-In-Chief’s Trophy for a year and bragging rights.


All applicants must be appointed by a member of Congress. Exceptions are children of military service members that were K.I.A., M.I.A., 100% disabled due to combat, Medal of Honor recipients and career military personnel. The Secretary of the Navy can also appoint enlisted members of the Navy and Marine Corps.

Applicants must also fill out a college application, undergo personality testing, physical testing, interviews and provide personal references.