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St. John’s Military School

Age 6-12
Salina, KS

St. John’s Military School is a boarding military educational institution in Kansas. With the help of the President, Andrew England, as well as the Commandant of Cadets and the Academic Dean, the students are trained to enhance both their academic and leadership knowledge. Given the fact that this is a private military school, the students are educated in a “military environment” starting from late August to around the end of May.

Noteworthy Facts about the School

Having ranked first in JROTC program in the entire United States, St. John’s Military School (SJMS) is emphasized as a prestigious educational institution in the area of Salina, Kansas. For 125 years, the school has a great history of producing gentlemen who have become leaders in their chosen careers. Since the SJMS has a high ranking in Air Force Instruction (AFI), the school gets to have up to 15 endorsements of their graduates to the USA Military Academies.

The school was a setting in the movie entitled Up the Academy, which was filmed here in 1980. Most of the film was shot in the campus grounds. The movie was a spoof by MAD Magazine about military-type boarding schools.

History and Accreditations

In 1910, a troop called Troop 1 was organized by F. John Romanes. Today, this troop is known as the first ever Boy Scout troop in American history. Romanes was an instructor at the same military school which served as the home of the boy scouts. SJMS was already 23 years old when the troop was assembled, but this was the time when the school was influenced by English Boy Scouts.

St. John’s is recognized by the Kansas State Department Education as well as the North Central Association. It is also a member of the Association of Military Colleges and Schools of the United States and the National Association of Episcopal Schools.

Sports and Activities

The school has a wide range of athletics programs for males who would like to improve on their skills. The students at SJMS actively participate in different junior varsity and varsity level competitions with other public and private institutions. Among the sports that students may get involved in are football, cross country, golf, wrestling, and the rifle team.

The school team uses the colors orange and black and is symbolized by their mascot, the muleskinner.


As mentioned, the top-rating school has produced a great number of fine young men who excelled in their field. Two of them are Mark Cerney, a nonprofit organization founder and Dean Hargrove, a TV writer, producer, and director. St. John’s serves around 120 male cadets in its 10-acre campus, and their goal for the next two years is 280 cadets. Only male students are accepted and they can study here from grades 6 to 12. Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT) is not required for new enrollees.


Internationally, our total tuition and fees are $40,000. This includes tuition, room and board (including all meals), misc. fees, incidentals, uniforms, insurance, and a security deposit. Tuition alone is $23,180. I have attached the tuition and fees guide for your reference.

Domestically, our 2018 total tuition and fees are $34,100. This includes tuition, room and board, misc. fees, uniforms, and a security deposit.