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California Maritime Academy

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Vallejo, CA

California Military Academy is a college-level academy established in 1930 under its original name, the California Nautical School. The institution was originally for males only, but during the 1970s, it accepted enrollment of both males and females, broadened to accept minorities. The academy became integrated with the California State University system in 1996, although it evolved into a four-year school several years earlier.

Located about 30 miles north of San Francisco, Cal Maritime, as it’s nicknamed, offers various maritime baccalaureate programs, such as marine engineering and marine transportation, which balance such general degree programs like business administration – international business and logistics, global studies and maritime affairs.

Cal Maritime itself is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and maintains additional program-related accreditations too.


Cal Maritime channels your application for admission along specialty lines. If you are a high school graduate with no college credit, you pay a $55 application fee and submit the online application and an ACT or SAT score via csumentor.edu.

To qualify, you must have a score that meets or exceeds the California State University eligibility score, a C grade or higher in the required college preparatory courses for your desired educational path and at least a 2.0 grade point average after the 9th grade.

If you are a transfer student, the application fee and application submission mirror the first-time college student. However, if your current college is accredited, Cal Maritime will probably accept at least some of your previously-passed courses. If your school has an articulation agreement with Cal Maritime for your desired specialty, odds are good that at least most of your credits will be transferred if you meet the eligibility standards for your desired major.

Course Offerings

The California Maritime Academy offers more than four-year degrees as of 2011. Its master’s program awards the prestigious Master of Science in Transportation and Engineering Management and requires two years of study. For many undergrad or post-grad attendees, the online option allows freedom and convenience.

Cal Maritime doesn’t stop its reach there, though. It offers military student options, although there is no obligation to join the U.S. Coast Guard or other military branch upon graduation, an exchange program, second-degree undergrad program, returning Cal Maritime student options and even visiting students program as well.

If, however, the military service interests you, you can gain financial aid if you enroll in one of the five current programs by the Navy, Coast Guard and the Air Force.


If you have wanted to work on the water but not on a freighter, for example, or if you have dreamed of working in an international relations field, the California Maritime Academy may be the higher learning institution that meets your needs. Find your chosen path among the options presented, then choose the exact degree you want.