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When parents consider military school for their son or daughter, the idea of a free military school doesn’t normally come to mind. Free military educational opportunities are out there for children in grades K through 12. They can be found if one is willing to spend some time searching and if the family is willing to move to a community where there is one. Most free military academies are actually public high schools, so they are accessible only to those who live in the area where the military academy is located. Sometimes they are called magnet schools. In other places they are known as charter schools.

Uniforms And Experience High Expectations

When a student is enrolled in a free military school, they are issued special military academy uniforms upon enrollment. This makes life easier for students and for parents by eliminating the need to buy any special clothing for the school year. It also ensures that everyone is dressed in a uniform way. This helps to curb any feelings of distracting competitiveness that sometimes happen in other schools due to the way students are dressed.

Students enrolled in public military prep schools are expected to achieve educational excellence. They are also expected to perform in ways that show that the school is creating students who do well on standardized tests. At many of these charter and magnet schools, students are expected to go above and beyond the level of work that would be considered average in another school.

Teachers are very demanding and they have a keen focus on developing young minds. They want students to become effective at critical thinking. Teacher to student ratios also tend to be lower at these specialized public military prep schools. This gives students the extra benefits of personalized instruction and extra attention. Students looking for academic challenge will always find it at military academies.

Public Military Schools Enhance a Community

Having a free public military academy in a community fosters a more positive outlook for that entire community. Knowing that there is a good school nearby has many benefits for students and for the community as well. Children who otherwise might be under served by schools in their areas have an option of attending a very good school that will be a great influence in their lives. This can be effective in helping disadvantaged youth to find a place where they can succeed. The school can help them to excel and to be more capable in their adult lives.

Most free public school military academies focus only on youth who are in high school. There is one free public military school that accepts youngsters who are in grades 6 through 12. That is the Military Magnet Academy, which is found in Charleston, South Carolina. The rest of the free military learning institutions are tailored for high school age youth.

Free Military Schools in The United States

There are at least nine other charter or magnet public military high schools across the United States, besides the Military Magnet Academy in South Carolina.  In our site, simply do a search for military schools that are “public schools”.

All the schools are part of their respective public school systems, therefore they are free for residents to attend.

Students receive an excellent education in these magnet and charter military institutions. These specialized schools place enormous emphasis on academics and athletics.

The main focus of military academies is to develop students who have an exceptional code of ethics, integrity and honesty. They also hope to develop young adults who become outstanding contributing citizens to the community in the future. Some of these excellent schools include:

Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and New Jersey also have free military academies in their public school systems.

Nearly Free Private Military Academies

Private military academies are usually not known for being inexpensive schools to attend. Often, they are boarding schools with high yearly fees associated with them. There are some, however, that feature day programs for those who live nearby. Because these academies normally charge fees for students to attend, the majority of private military educational institutions also have financial aid available to students and their families.

Students who have done very well in school in the past can take part in scholarship programs. It is good to look into scholarship programs sponsored by Rotary Clubs, Lion’s Clubs and other civic and community groups. Sometimes aid can also be found through employers who employ both students and their parents. Some scholarships are need-based, others are based on academic achievement. All are worth applying for.

Any type of scholarship students receive can reduce the amount required to attend a private military academy. Students find that these types of financial aid are very beneficial and well worth pursuing. While the educational programs featured at these prestigious private academies may never be completely free, the cost can be reduced to a manageable amount by taking full advantage of all available financial aid and scholarship programs. Student loans are also available and they are a good option when scholarships aren’t available or don’t pay the full cost of school.

Low Income Options

FREEDOM ACADEMY (Lakemont, New York) (WEB:  TroubledTeenAcademy.com)
Freedom Academy is one of the best low cost Christian academies for teenage boys and girls who are at-risk or misbehaving or failing in school.  No set tuition — offers a sliding scale and scholarships.  Address: 5275 Route 14, Lakemont NY 14857 Phone: (800-842-8679  EMAIL: freedomacademy@outlook.com. HURRY! THIS SCHOOL HAS OPENINGS RIGHT NOW!

Low-income teens searching for the right military school have many options from which to choose. In addition to the growing list of charter military schools flourishing across the country, national programs such as the National Guard Youth Challenge Program provide alternative, cost-free solutions to teens seeking military training. Military schools typically emphasize structure, self-discipline and academics. They also strive to instill values such as respect and honor.

Vessey Leadership Academy

Vessey Leadership Academy is a public charter high school to which any Minnesota student may apply. It is tuition-free and ideal for low-income teens. The academy is structured around the “VLA Four-Star Focus,” which includes knowledge, discipline, leadership and character. The curriculum follows the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) structure, with an emphasis on college preparation. In addition to traditional academics, the school hosts career fairs and outside speakers. The school requires cadets to wear uniforms, which are provided cost-free by the federal government.

Vessey Leadership Academy 33 East Wentworth Avenue West, Ste. 100 West St. Paul, MN 55118 651-776-8776 vesseyacademy.org

Francis Marion Military Academy

The Francis Marion Military Academy opened its doors in August 2008. This public charter school is part of the Marion County Public Schools system and charges no tuition, making it ideal for those seeking a free military school. Stressing core military values and a quality college prep curriculum, the high school bills itself as providing “a unique educational experience.” Courses offered by the school include aerospace science, criminal justice and advanced placement classes. Extracurricular activities include sailing and venturing crew.

Cadets and their parents must sign an honor code that outlines behavioral and academic expectations. Cadets are required to perform 40 hours of volunteering per year. Parents must volunteer for nine hours at the school per year. The school enforces a strict dress code that includes uniforms and prohibits all facial piercings.

Francis Marion Military Academy 2091 N.E. 35th Street Ocala, FL 34479 352-291-6600 marionmilitaryacademy.org

Grizzly Youth Academy

Grizzly Youth Academy is part of the National Guard Youth Challenge Program, which targets at-risk youths. The state and federal governments fund this program, making it free for participants. The school is also chartered through the San Luis Obispo County Office of Education as an alternative school. Grizzly targets teens who have dropped out of school or do not have enough credits to graduate.

Eight core components comprise the “Challenge” training phase: academic excellence, life coping skills, job skills, health and hygiene, responsible citizenship, service to the community, leadership and “followership,” and physical fitness. The school has garnered a number of awards, including but not limited to: the 2005 Best All-Around Program, the 2003 Lieutenant General Herbert R. Temple Leadership Award and the 2001 National Mentoring Award.

Grizzly Youth Academy P.O. Box 3209 San Luis Obispo, CA 93403 800-926-0643 ngycp.org/site/state/ca

Military Schools Give Students Advantages In Life

The lessons learned in military academies extend far into a student’s future. They learn how to work effectively in a team. Students know what it means to be a person of morals and integrity. They have discipline and structure in their lives that helps them to be productive adults and to contribute to society in a beneficial way.

They often find that there is a preference when they are being considered for college admission because of the excellence of the high school education they have received. They move on to be successful in the career path of their choice and they experience success in life. Parents who wish to give their children these advantages are wise to consider free military education for their child. It is a great investment in their future.